Book Pet Peeves #10: Changing the Spine

September 10, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Pet Peeves

#10: Changing the Spine
I think most of us have a problem with cover changes but have you ever seen when a publisher changes the spine of a book? You can see it with series such as Anna Carey’s Eve Trilogy or even worse in The Goddess Test Series. At least with the Eve books, all that changes is the color of the typography but if you see the Goddess Test books side by side, there are differences with every book.
It’s like one of those games you find in magazines and kids activity books, can you spot the differences? Count them.
I like a bit of consistency in my shelves, it’s the reason I’m weird about book size and the formats of my books. So looking at spines with differences in the size or direction of the author’s name just ticks something in my brain. I’m sure a lot of you don’t care about things like this, it’s a pretty ridiculous pet peeve, but why can’t my boxed sets look the same?
What are your book pet peeves? Share them in the comments.
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8 responses to “Book Pet Peeves #10: Changing the Spine

  1. My biggest is probably cover changes! Why can't the publishing company just let them all match?!? If a series changes its cover design midway through the series, I seriously consider not buying the books anymore.

    Eileen @ BookCatPin

  2. The only books I've noticed this on is my collection of the Goddess Test and you're right. It irks me to pieces. But what gets me more is cover changes. I'm looking at you Anna, Lola and Isla and the Diviners (Oh I will never get over the cover change of the Diviners….). Fantastic post!

  3. C T

    This happens more often than not I have noticed. In an effort to attract new readers to a series the publisher alienates their current readers who care about consistency and have been on board since day one.

    Other examples: Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Now the spines (and covers) just say "Preston & Child", which throws off all the previous style. Star Wars novels where the "Star" and "Wars" vary in style between one line or two lines, both stylized and plain colored. Not so bad when arranged chronologically by publication date, but arranged by story timelines it is just a mess.

    • I'm glad I'm not the only one who is irritated by this. Why is it so hard to keep spines consistent in a series? I've definitely noticed it with the never ending Star Wars books, a bunch of mine don't match and I get frustrated.

  4. You know what is really f-in annoying? German books. So I live in Germany and books here are printed with the titles on the spines facing the other way than they do on English books. IT MAKES ME NUTSO.

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