Discussion: Book Boyfriends

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Book Boyfriends
Book Boyfriend is a term thrown around the book world a lot but is rarely explained. So what is a “Book Boyfriend”? To me it’s a guy you connect with in some way while reading. It doesn’t have to be the love interest of the story, just a guy that you can see yourself with (though in some cases you know the relationship would be nothing but the hot and steamy).
So what is it about certain guys that make them book boyfriend material? Honestly I think it depends on the person. My number one is a bad boy while some of the others are not. For me, I take each guy on his own merits and I don’t have a type. I have bad boys, princes, doctors, guards, Potions Masters, a few Weasleys, and who knows what else. I get bored very easily if a love interest doesn’t have something that about them to grab my attention.
Speaking of the list, here’s my Top 20 Book Boyfriends, if you’re interested. I like a good variety.
1. The Darkling- The Grisha Trilogy
2. Hector- The Girl of Fire and Thorns Trilogy
3. Balthazaar- Mortal Heart
4. Theron- Snow Like Ashes
5. Nikolai- The Grisha Trilogy
6. Jem- The Infernal Devices
7. Ignifex- Cruel Beauty
8. Cinna- The Hunger Games/Catching Fire
9. Gavriel- The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
10. Kian- Mortal Danger
11. Four- Divergent Trilogy
12. Severus Snape- Harry Potter (Don’t judge)
13. Isaac- The Fault in Our Stars
14. Mr. Darcy- Pride a Prejudice
15. Magnus Bane- TheShadowhunter Chronicles
16. The Weasley Twins- Harry Potter
17. Captain Niall- Etiquette and Espionage
18. Montgomery- The Madman’s Daughter
19. Finnick- Catching Fire/Mockingjay
20. Legolas- The Lord of the Rings
Notice that there’s only one contemporary character. Maybe that explains why contemporary bores me so often. Hmmm.
Do you have a book boyfriend type? Who are your boyfriends? Share these answers and your thoughts in the comments.
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  1. Love your list! Some of them I haven't met yet but the others I'm going to have to fight you for 😉 I definitely need to meet The Darkling soon though!

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