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January 9, 2016     erinthebooknut     News

How are you guys doing? What’s been going on? Hmm, this is a bit one sided now isn’t it? Well I’ll tell you what’s new with us at least!

First, we’ve got a new face here on The Book Nut. Please welcome the wonderful Laura the Bibliophile, or @Laura_Virelai on Twitter. Well, actually, many of you may already know her if you followed back when Storytime Sunday was a thing. Yep, THAT Laura. If you haven’t already you might wanna check out some of her stories on the features page, they’re awesome!

Also, we’re trying to come up with some new features and fun things to do this year. I definitely want to bring back a bunch of the old ones (feel free to weigh in on which ones in the comments) and I’m trying to decide if a few are even viable anymore (like Storytime Sunday). Still, if you have ideas and suggestions we’re always open.

Now that there’s a group of us here we’re thinking about trying out joint reviews. We thought it might be interesting having multiple perspectives in the same post. Laura and I used to have a video book club back in college (I’m sure the videos are still on here somewhere if you’re curious) so we might try bringing so of those ideas back.

My helping young readers in need program is on its way to becoming a full on organization! That’s right, I’m working on creating Books for Kids (which needs a new name), a non-profit collecting donated children’s, MG, and YA for children’s hospitals, troubled teens programs, after school organizations, and shelters. If you’re interested in donating the link is in the sidebar.

Finally, some quick news on the writing front. So last night I was nearly asleep when I came up with a pretty damn good story idea. I got out of our comfy bed to find my idea book so I could write it down and a half formed plot was suddenly there waiting for me. I haven’t written anything on Through the Flames since November and I know its not a good idea to start another idea in the middle but I really could not help it. And so, Witch Touch was born. So now I have two stories to work on.

But enough about us, how’s everything with you guys. Share your news in the comments.


From my shelf to yours,



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