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August 18, 2017     erinbook     Discussion, Out of the Pages

What do I do when I’m not reading, writing, or listening to audiobooks? I listen to podcasts, of course!

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to be a part of various communities. I love to listen to other people’s opinions on things, hear interviews, and learn some new stuff. I grew up with radio and talk shows so this is like the internet’s response to those, but I can listen to them whenever I want.

I like to listen while I do blogging things, while I walk around town, or while I’m going chores and things around the apartment. It’s great to have them portable on my phone these days and not be attatched to my computer like I was back when I started listening 8-190 years ago. I used to use iTunes and Apple Podcasts to listen to my podcasts but now that I own an android phone I have switched to using an app called Podbean.

So I’m going to give you a few of my favorites organized into categories so you can listen to a few yourself if you feel like getting into some new audio goodness.



Writer Writer Pants on Fire will always be my first choice here. Hosted my YA author Mindy McGinnis, this podcasts talks about writing with writers of all shapes and sizes. It’s the podcasts I always listen to the moment each episode is released.

Also Recommended:

Shipping and Handling- Two literary agents talk about writing advice and publishing while drinking wine.

Narrative Breakdown

Writing Excuses


Harry Potter

Snapecast was my favorite podcast in high school. Now defunct, I still highly recommend listening to old episodes of this wonderful podcast with the nostalgia of what it was like before Deathly Hallows was released.

Also Recommended…

When it comes to Potter Podcasts there are two classics for every new listener.

PotterCast- The Leaky Cauldron’s podcast, famously important for the fact that they actually had JK herself as a guest. Other notable guests include: Vlogbrothers Hank and John Green, Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis, Scholastic editor Cheryl Klein and others.

MuggleCast- PotterCast’s younger “hip” cousin, MuggleCast is MuggleNET’s podcast for the fandom featuring younger (and back in the day many more) hosts. Mugglecast went on hiatus but has returned stronger than ever in recent years.

WZRD- A Harry Potter Wizard Rock podcast formatted like a radio show with discussion and music. Focuses exclusively on the music part of the fandom. 

WRockline- Similar to WZRD, Wizard Rock radio.

Podcast of Awesome- Another WROCK podcast. I love Wizard Rock, ok!

SpeakBeasty- A MuggleCast affiliated podcast about Fantastic Beasts! Funny and more than just a little bit weird, SpeakBeasty is one of my favorite go-to podcasts right now.



Wine and YA- Two adults reviewing YA and drinking wine.

The Split- Two authors giving their own thoughts about popular YA, usually with differing opinions. These guys give a little bit of a different opinion that I’m used to seeing.

Also Recommended

Adventures in YA

Can’t Get Enough of YA



Other Books

Professional Book Nerds- Overdrive’s book podcast

Dear Book Nerd

Also Recommended…

Literary Disco, Riot Read, For Book’s Sake, Well Read, Books and Nachos, Reading Lives, Get Booked, Overdue, Read This F*cking Book, Reading Glasses


Pop Culture and Nerd

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy features all things nerdy: books, movies, TV, and more. Writers and other relevant guests discuss Geek Culture and the current topic of each podcast.

Nerdist-  Comedy host Chris Hardwick and his “wives” Jonah Ray and Matt Mira talk geek and interview celebrities.

Also Recommend…

Radio Free Burrito- Wil Wheaton’s podcast of music, stories, and random things.

TV Crimes- Wil Wheaton and his co host talk bad nostalgic TV.




Dear Hank and John- “A comedy podcast about death”, Hank and John Green give dubious advice and talk about news for the English soccer team AFC Wimbledon and Mars. This show is hilarious and I’ve been following since the very beginning.

Also Recommended

Shane and Friends- Youtube star Shane Dawson talks to people from youtube to celebrities.

Jenna and Julien- Youtube star Jenna Marbles and her boyfriend talk about random things.

Sex Nerd Sandra- A sex positive podcast for adults

Talk is Jericho- WWE Star Chris Jericho talks wrestling and hard rock with celebrity guests and all.

The Splendid Table- A NPR radio show turned podcast, all about food.

The Steve Austin Show- Former WWE Superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin talks wrestling.

Torchpenis- A Torchwood discussion podcast

Criminal- A great crime podcast that’s both creepy and fascinating

You Made It Weird- Pete Holmes’ podcast of weird.

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