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October 8, 2017     erinthebooknut     Discussion

It has been quite a bit of time since we switched from Blogger to WordPress so I’ve had a while to get used to the differences. I’m going to tell you right now, regardless of the few things I’ve missed I will NEVER go back to Blogger.

Blogger was the glitchiest platform I ever had the misfortune to discover. Now if I compare it to a regular WordPress site, it’s actually pretty decent, but next to my Book Hosted beauty with its Ultimate Book Blogger plug in, Jetpack, and pretty little Tweak Me theme? There’s no comparing.

Now I spent a lot of time on my Blogger set up. I tweaked as much as I could with my piddling knowledge of coding and spent hours playing with settings. All of which is now much, much easier to do on my WordPress. This is the biggest thing for me: WordPress is significantly more customizable in every way. Especially if you have a great host who makes it incredibly easy like Nose Graze does.

Not only that but my life is so much easier because of Ultimate Book Blogger. What used to take me an extra half an hour or more to do without UBB, takes me seconds with it when I’m setting up the the book information for a review. Grab an ISBN, load the goodreads info, BAM, done. Onto the review. No more tracking down imagines. No more copying out info. I tell UBB to fetch, and it does!

Neither do I need to organize my archives by hang anymore. All I need to do is set up a category, tell UBB to organize everything in that category onto a page, and in a snap the archive is ready to go. It cuts hours off my admin time so I can focus on other things. UBB is a godsend.

The only thing I really missed was the way stats were displayed on Blogger. That is until I set up Jetpack. WordPress doesn’t tell me how many views each of my posts is getting. Jetpack only tells me this for the views each page and post has gotten since I installed it. This is something I really miss from Blogger, which told me right on my posts page how each post was doing. I wish WordPress did this. Still, it’s something I could install a plug in or, and I’m much happier since I set up Jetpack.

The best thing about a self hosted WordPress is the plug ins. They are what makes this blog live and breathe, the reason I have the time to post much more and better content, and what keeps me from wanting to tear my hair out every day. Now it’s only like once a week.

Guys, running a blog can be really stressful, but I’m telling you now a WordPress blog is much easier to manage than a Blogger one. As someone who spent multiple years on both, take my advice….

Go WordPress.

What are your thoughts on WordPress vs Blogger? Share in the comments.

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