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November 12, 2017     erinthebooknut     Bookish Business, Business Spotlight

Dust and Pages

When it comes to custom Pops in this community there are two names I think first. One is A Page with a View, whom we’ve already covered. The other is Dust and Pages.

Dust and Pages is found on Etsy and makes everything from custom Pop figures to bookmarks to prints and pins. They do a little bit of everything.

However, unlike A Page with a View, their Pops are highly sculpted and caricatured with proper eyes and heavy details. Where PWaV swaps pieces and repaints, Dust and Pages does HEAVY clay work down the the last detail. These are very different pops with a very different look. They aren’t as consistent with the FUNKO look, they’re much more custom, but they’re very cool.


Dust and Pages


Other than Pops I think my favorite thing on this Etsy page are the gorgeous enamel pins. I have a big obsession with buttons and pins but enamel ones are my favorite. I so badly want to grab a few of them for myself.

The prints I’m not personally as much of a fan of but I know they’re also very popular. Of art and make custom Funkos the owner says,

It began with a box of clay. An ordinary block, nothing special to look at. But once my love for the written word and the desire to see my beloved literary characters standing in front me collided it became something special, something I loved. Something of an obsession.

As a new customizer myself, I totally get this.

Check out Dust and Pages on Etsy and see what she has to offer.

Where do you like to get your custom funkos and literary art? Share your picks in the comments.

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