A Series of Unfortunate Events Movie Review

October 9, 2017     erinthebooknut     Page to Screen


What the fuck were there people thinking? I mean, seriously. This movie is a mess. A hot freaking mess.

First and foremost, this movie has the most confusing plotline on the planet. It covers not one, not two, but the first THREE books in the Series of Unfortunate Events series. 3 books, in like a 2 hour run time. Whose brilliant idea was that? In a world where Peter Jackson can stretch The Hobbit into a 3 movie series, how does one mash 3 book into a single movie? Heck, the Netflix show gives each book 2 episodes of its own! So there’s that.

Second, and oh my god this is a huge part of why this movie is so bad, the casting of Jim Carey. Guys, real talk, Jim Carey is not scary except for in how badly he needs his ass reined in in like every movie he’s in. Unfortunately someone just let him out of his comedy cage and told him to run with it, and run he did. Running rampant all over Count Olaf in a way that takes any seriousness or sinister vibe out of the character. So if your villain isn’t threatening, what’s the point?

Back to plot for a second, not only was 3 books of story not enough for the filmmakers, but they had to add things in. Clues to what the Bauderlaire parents were involved in that don’t even come up until later books (or at all) are artificially jammed into the plot.

This doesn’t even consider that the film doesn’t follow the first three books chronologically, but instead mashes the three stories up into a pulpy mixture that the writers then turned into a script. A script that makes no sense and completely misses the point of everything that makes this series good.

Needless to say my little fan heart was broken when I saw this movie and watching it again as an adult is even worse. I’m so glad the Netflix show exists or I think I might have cried having to watch this thing again without some hope on the horizon.

Don’t ever watch this film, it’s in no way worth it.

No, do not recommend. Run far away.

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