Guest Posts and Interviews

Amber Lough- Fire Wish (On Research)
Virginia Bergin- H2O
C.C. Hunter- Eternal
Stephanie Diaz- Rebellion (Writing Process)
Kristi Helvig (Q&A)- Strange Skies
Lori M. Lee- The Infinite
Mindy McGinnis- A Madness So Discreet
Cinda Williams Chima- Heir Chronicles
Margaret Peterson Haddix- Palace of Lies
Vicki Leigh- Catch Me If I Fall
Kristina McBride-Tension of Opposites
Kristen Simmons- Glass Arrow
Rachel Shane- Alice in Wonderland High
Mindee Arnett- Avalon
Amanda Flower- The Final Reveille (The Lucky 13)
Jody Casella- Thin Space
Jennifer McGowan- Maids of Honor (Magic and Mayhem)
Natalie D. Richards- Gone Too Far
Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon- Destined for Doon
Edith Pattou- Ghosting
Liz Coley- Pretty Girl-13 (On Hybrid Authors)
Michael Buckley- Undertow
Liz Coley- Tor Maddox (Scenes from a Life)
Lorie Langdon “My Publishing Journey”
Regina Jeffers “Jane and Romance Novels”
Liz Coley on Traditional vs Self Publishing
Kristina McBride
Vicki Leigh/Tori Rigby
Mindy McGinnis– Given to the Sea
Margaret Peterson Haddix