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December 27, 2017     laurathebibliophile     Page to Screen

Oh my glaciers of frozen polar ice, friends. I’ve been away from hulu for a while, so it caught me by surprise today that Runaways is already up!
This review is only for the first episode. I may post more for the whole season if anyone is interested.
It started off promising, but also a little strange. Right off the bat, the show changes some major things with the family dynamics. Molly’s parents are dead, so the was adopted by the Steins, and Karolina’s dad is not a member of the Pride.
They also change the dynamic of the kids a little bit, but it just sort of brings them into 2017.
All of the actors are perfect. Honestly, when a few of them popped up on-screen, I was blown away by how they looked exactly the way I expected.The only one that threw me off, honestly, was Chase. I can’t get the floppy blond hair out of my mind’s eye.
The biggest change I noticed was the introduction of a cult church called the Church of the Gibborim, led by Leslie Dean. It’s a big step to see her as church leader rather than actress, and whatever is going on with the four (yep, FOUR) apparently dead or missing characters is throwing me off. I’m not sure where they fit in.
I’m mostly upset about Molly’s parents. It seems lazy to excise them, especially when they added such a great element of allegory, and the show is doing such a great job otherwise of acknowledging the diversity of the characters.
I am most excited to see all the characters and elements I know are coming, and how the show handles them. A few things have already been teased, and I can’t wait!
I NEVER imagined that my favorite comics would be made into a show, and I LOVE it so much, guys.
From my bookshelf (and tv) to yours, Laura

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