The Book Loft- A Side Trip Adventure

April 28, 2018     erinthebooknut     Event, Places to Go

No book festival trip is complete without a side trip to a bookstore. Luckily Columbus is home to one of the most unique bookstores we’ve visited so far. I have already been to The Book Loft before but for Laura this was a new experience. Same for my sister and her little nugget (my nephew).

Side note, do not attempt to being a stroller into the Book Loft. IT IS A MISTAKE!

As those who read my previous Book Loft post probably know the Book Loft is a 32 room labyrinthine location which requires a map to navigate.

Both of us went over budget but we were armed with 10% off coupons from Ohioana and a bargain shopper’s eye. Both of these alieveiated some of the damage, about as much as anything could.

One of the great things about The Book Loft is that you are able to find a wider variety of books than you would in a chain store including older and some rare titles. For instance I was able to find an older book from an author who is not very popular but whom I spoke with at Ohioana and wanted to support. Laura likewise was able to find a book from an older finished series she had been looking for.

We agree that everyone should visit The Book Loft but advise that it is not a very accessible location as there are staircases, narrow hallways, tight corners, and tiny spaces throughout. Something we may not have learned had we not attempted to navigate the store with a baby in a stroller. The store sprawling over a fair distance so wear be prepared with with appropriate attire, aka shoes. There is also little to no seating around this store so hanging out in a corner to read is not advised.

Regardless we enjoyed our trip and plan to make another while much more prepared in the future. God help out self control.

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