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Serpent and Dove by Shelby M..

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

4.5 Nuts   All aboard the hype train! After having tons of people beat me over the head with the need to have me read these books I finally picked up the first one. SERPENT AND DOVE is part His Fair Assassins, part Witcher, and all fantasy goodness. Shelby Mahurin’s books have often been heard in the same […]

September 15, 2021

Crown of Oblivion by Julie E..

Crown of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh

We’re so excited to be participating in the CROWN OF OBLIVION Blog Tour! Special thanks to the FFBC and Julie Eshbaugh for having us! CROWN OF OBLIVION is out NOW! I was lucky enough to read an early copy of this book and absolutely fell in love with it. It’s an action packed, mind bendingly […]

November 13, 2019


WAITING ON WEDNESDAY : Crown Of Oblivion by Julie Eshbaugh

CROWN OF OBLIVION by Julie Eshbaugh November 12th, 2019 HarperCollins Astrid is the surrogate for Princess Renya, which means she bears the physical punishment if Renya steps out of line. Astrid has no choice—she and her family are Outsiders, the lower class of people without magic and without citizenship. But there is a way out […]

July 24, 2019

Broken Things by Lauren Oliv..

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver

3.5 Nuts This is the first Lauren Oliver book I’ve finished since the Delirum series. I’m usually a fan of the YA murder mystery/thriller genre, so while this book wasn’t great, I did still enjoy the base story. I mean I did read the whole thing in a couple of days after all. The problem […]

September 30, 2018

The IF YOU GIVE…. Seri..

The IF YOU GIVE…. Series by Laura Joffe Numeroff- Past Picture Books

Most people born after 1985, the year IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE came out, remember this series fondly. Whether you only read the first book, the first 3, or had them all as a child, these books are still around and in popular memory today. As it stands today, there are somewhere around […]

September 4, 2018

Midnight At the Electric by ..

Midnight At the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

This book threw me off of a bridge in the dark, and I let it happen. The three timelines complement each other perfectly, and I love that it follows three young women in times of upheaval. It is not uncommon to find books with multiple povs, but this still came across as fresh and lovely. […]

March 18, 2018

Book Review: Carve the Mark ..

Book Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth

Overall, this book gets five nuts! I picked up Carve the Mark when I saw it in the store half because I loved Veronica Roth’s other writing and half because people were saying not to. I don’t like to be told what to do, so naturally I decided I had to read it. Wow. I have no […]

May 28, 2017

YA Review: What’s Left..

YA Review: What’s Left of Me by Kat Zhang

I own a lot of dystopian. A LOT of dystopian. There was a time a while back when nearly all I read was dystopian. As the popularity of the genre dwindled, I think so did my love of it. I red so much of it and so much was just…not good. So I stopped reading […]

February 1, 2016