Midnight At the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson

March 18, 2018     laurathebibliophile     Book review

Midnight At the Electric by Jodi Lynn AndersonMidnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Published by HarperCollins on June 13, 2017
Pages: 272

Divided by time. Ignited by a spark.

Kansas, 2065. Adri has secured a slot as a Colonist—one of the lucky few handpicked to live on Mars. But weeks before launch, she discovers the journal of a girl who lived in her house over a hundred years ago, and is immediately drawn into the mystery surrounding her fate. While Adri knows she must focus on the mission ahead, she becomes captivated by a life that’s been lost in time…and how it might be inextricably tied to her own.

Oklahoma, 1934. Amidst the fear and uncertainty of the Dust Bowl, Catherine fantasizes about her family’s farmhand, and longs for the immortality promised by a professor at a traveling show called the Electric. But as her family’s situation becomes more dire—and the suffocating dust threatens her sister’s life—Catherine must find the courage to sacrifice everything she loves in order to save the one person she loves most.

England, 1919. In the recovery following the First World War, Lenore struggles with her grief for her brother, a fallen British soldier, and plans to sail to America in pursuit of a childhood friend. But even if she makes it that far, will her friend be the person she remembers, and the one who can bring her back to herself?

While their stories spans thousands of miles and multiple generations, Lenore, Catherine, and Adri’s fates are entwined.

This book threw me off of a bridge in the dark, and I let it happen. The three timelines complement each other perfectly, and I love that it follows three young women in times of upheaval.
It is not uncommon to find books with multiple povs, but this still came across as fresh and lovely.
I have read so many books at this point that it can be difficult for me to find new ones that I am going to enjoy. I’ve started just picking books because their titles sound interesting and hoping for the best.
This was the best.
I love historical fiction and I love sci-fi, so this book really hits all the bases for me. It also has a lot of family drama, which is always fun.
Of the three characters, I sympathized with Adri the most. I grew up with a large family, but I also grew up with social anxiety, so I understand Adri’s reluctance to be close with people, especially when she’s being told to.
I will say that there is a certain plot twist with one of the storylines that I definitely saw coming, but even so, it still played out in a surprising way.
I really think there is something in this book for everyone and anyone to enjoy. The three main characters are very different young women, and they lead very different lives.
Basically everyone should read this book. I should go and read this book again, actually. I would if I didn’t have such a staggeringly long TBR right now.

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