Storytime Sunday: The Henry Letters by Laura

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It’s Storytime Sunday again and today we have a story from my good friend Laura! Storytime Sunday is a meme hosted on this blog where I share short stories written by myself and my friends. Most of these are just writing practice for us, so keep that in mind.

The story is below the cut!


20 August, 2008
Dear Henry,
I know you’ve only been gone for a few days, but I already miss you with all my heart. It’s so hard to be without you- you were the one keeping me grounded. I know you’ll only be gone for a few months, but I can’t help but wish I were with you. I suppose it’s my fault for taking Italian instead of German, ha-ha.
Germany- it is all you hoped it would be? I pray that it is. After all, it’s taking you away from me- it had better be amazing! Well, you’ll just have to tell me all about it. I hope your roommate is nice, and your dorm is comfortable. Is it hard to learn when all your professors are speaking German? I’m sure you’ll do just fine. German always was your best subject. 
Don’t meet any beautiful German girls while you’re there. Remember that I’m here, waiting for you. Write to me often, and tell me all about how wonderful Germany is. Nothing very interesting has been happening here. The semester’s about to start, but I’m more apprehensive than excited. Facing the semester without you is something that makes me nervous.
I hope this letter finds you well, and I send you all my love. Write me back soon! 
Patiently yours, 
29 August, 2008
Dear Henry, 
Classes have started, and you are terribly lucky to be away this semester. Higgins is teaching molecular biology, and it’s so difficult! It’s not really that the subject is confusing, but it’s hard to stay awake listening to his droning monotone! Do you remember when we had him freshman year for Intro to Biology? I had to set my phone to vibrate in my pocket every five minutes so I wouldn’t miss the whole lecture! Ha-ha. 
I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. My roommate is all right this year. They stuck me with this girl from Italy- which, you know, was great, because I speak   Italian! Her name is Francesca, and we get along really well so far. I guess maybe it won’t be so bad spending a whole semester without you.
I hope this letter gets to you quick- I sealed a kiss in the envelope,,, and I wouldn’t want it to lose its pop before it reaches you!
Your favourite, 
4 September, 2008
Dear Henry, 
How are your classes going so far? Mine are okay, but I miss my homework buddy! I’m glad you like your roommate- Petur- and that you’re having fun. Have you visited any castles yet? Take lots of pictures! Oh, you know I’m not a terribly good writer. I’m sorry that my letters haven’t been as long and eloquent as yours. 
Francesca thinks it’s so romantic that we write each other letters. She thinks it’s sweet that you write in bright blue- the colour of your eyes, and that I write in green- the colour of mine. I have to say that I agree. My letters may not be as beautiful as yours are, but you must know that I’m putting my heart into them.
I miss you. Sometimes it feels like you’ve just run to the store, and you’ll be back in a minute or two. Other times, though, it feels like you’ve taken my entire heart with you, and there’s just this gaping hole in my chest that refuses to be filled. I know I’m being gloomy, but I can’t help it. I just want the semester to be over, so that you can come back to me. Is that too selfish? I suppose it is, but it’s just too much. I wish I could visit you.
Did you get my care package? Let me know. If it somehow got lost in the mail, I’ll put together another one. Don’t feel bad if it didn’t come- it happens all the time.
Missing you,
12 September, 2008
Dear Henry, 
I’m glad to hear that your classes are going so well. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with your roommate. Just tell me what happened, and I’ll try and see how to fix it.. I’m taking tension psychology this semester. I thought it would be silly, but it’s actually fun. 
Guess what? Mrs. Cahill hired me to paint a mural in the Creative Writing lounge! I started it today. I’m really excited. I’ll send you a picture when it’s all done. I’m going to pain… well, it’s a surprise, actually!!! You’ll just have to wait and see!
Keep telling me all about Germany- I love hearing about everything you see, and all the crazy people you run into!!! That woman in the square- oh, I was laughing for half an hour! I’m glad you’re seeing a lot there. Remember, you’re going to have to take all that architecture and build me a castle when you get back!
I’m glad you got my package. Did you like the Dodgers hat I put in for you? Now you can support your team from Germany! I’ve joined the racquetball teal, but we haven’t had any matches yet. We’re just practicing now. Coach Zlieszak tells me I’ve improved a lot from last year. I think it’s all the playing we did last summer, so thank you!!!
I still miss your face, but I’ve grown more and more satisfied just seeing your letters- the familiar way the words curve across the page, the bright blue making the words leap off the page and into my heart. I cannot wait to see you again, to be wrapped up in one of your bear hugs. Don’t get all scrawny on me now, or I’ll be able to beat you up when you get back! Haha.
Love from here,
27 September, 2008
Dear Henry,
I’m so glad you finally went to see the castle! It sounds absolutely beautiful! I wish I could visit you, and see it too! It must’ve been amazing! The racquetball team won sectionals! I mean, not  many schools have racquetball teams, so maybe it wasn’t such a big deal, but we were excited.
I can’t wait until you come home! I know that won’t be until after Christmas, but I’m counting down, nonetheless. Sorry- I guess that’s sort of dorky, but I miss you. Your letters are such a great break from my week! They help me focus= remind me that even though I have a load of coursework right now, there is, indeed, more to my life.
I’m sending you all my love, so do me a favor and keep my heart safe, will you?
12 October
Dear Henry,
You haven’t written me back yet, so I’m just writing to make sure you’re okay, I guess. I understand how busy you are. It’s the middle of the semester, so classes must be getting really intense. So you just work hard. All I want is for you to let me know you’re doing okay. Just a few words, eh? Tell Petur I said, “Hello,” and um, Francesca says, “’sup?” She’s catching on to our slang pretty well.
I miss you, but when you write to me, it’s like you’re here beside me, just for a moment. I’m honoring your wish to only write letters, and not to email or talk on the phone or skype, but it’s hard when you don’t write me any letters. I miss you- can’t you see that? Don’t you miss me?
Your lonely girl,
20 October, 2008
Dear Henry,
I know that I said a few words would be fine, but I didn’t really mean it. It was in jest, like ha-ha. I do not appreciate your sending six slightly sarcastic sentences! You can’t possibly be that busy! Sure, you’re taking classes, but so am I, and I’m managing to write to you just fine!
At first, I thought it was like Romeo and Juliet- except that it was your studies keeping us apart instead of our families… and we’re not teenagers… and hopefully we don’t die at the end… Anyway, now I’m beginning to wonder. You can’t just leave me wondering whether you’re going to write me in a few days or a few weeks! It isn’t fair! What’s keeping you from writing to me? I want to know. 
Don’t spare my feelings. If something’s going on, I would rather know about it. Tell me. I’m like a sponge- ready to soak it all in. I want to know why you’ve stopped writing. Please write me back as soon as possible. I’ll be waiting, and you know how impatient I can be when I’m nervous.
25 October, 2008
Dear Henry,
I’m so sorry, love! I had no idea! Well, obviously I had no idea- how could I have known? You should have told me- although, of course, that would have ruined the whole surprise. What I’m trying to say is, of course I would love to spend Christmas with you in Germany! You must have been working so hard for that ticket!
Please don’t blame me for jumping to conclusions. You must understand that all I have to go on are your letters! I don’t see you, or hear from you more often, so I don’t understand why you’re busy. I promise not to doubt you again. I know that you still love me, I do. It’s just that I miss you so much, and if you grew tired of me… I just don’t know how I would go on. 
Please write me back as soon as you can. It can be a short letter- heck= send me a postcard! I can certainly live on postcards now when I know I’m going to be seeing you in just a few short months!
Love and apologies,


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