Storytime Sunday (On Monday): The Brothers by Me

December 1, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a weekly meme that shares short stories written by myself and other budding writers. This week’s is late, and one of the last stories I will be posting of my own. It was a character sketch that I really liked and decided to play with a little. I need your stories if this feature is to continue! Shoot me an email.

The Brothers

Everyone knows the brothers, the brothers so different that everyone wonders if one dropped from the sky like a gift from the stork. The younger’s hands always active, like birds flitting here and there. Long, elegant hands that show use. They are scratched, scarred, and smell sharply of chemicals as if the owner were careless, yet the cleanly manicured nails tell another story. 

The elder’s hands are steady as stone, only moving in deliberate, thoughtful ways. His hands, too, are cleanly manicured but their softness betray a less active approach. This hands do no labor but neither are they idle. Every move they make is carefully measured and they are never hesitant. 

Both sets of hands are long and regal, as if belonging to kings or lords. Each inch tells a different story in the span of their lives. These hands are proof of things they only show in private places. They are the same, while they belong to very unique people. They are family. 

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