Storytime Sunday: By The Purple Sea

September 7, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a meme hosted here at The Book Nut in which I share some of the stories I have used as writing practice. None of these are for use for publication, only to work on craft. Today’s story was intended to work like a shorter version of an epic poem. It isn’t amazing but it is different so I decided to share it with you.

See story/poem under the cut.

By the Purple Sea
A small, dark city once stood,
beside a Purple sea.
It, one of twelve that rose up 
along the changing coast.
The small, dark city began to grow,
trouble began to brew.
A shadow began to stretch its way
along the cold city streets.
The other cities watched helplessly
as this one grew hateful, cruel.
They had no way to stop the spread
of the demon that came to stay.
The city began to spread its hate
along the coastal bays.
The growing eleven along the sea
First felt her rising malice. 
As the nation only known as ‘E’, 
began to gain more land.
“A decision”, they said, “will be made
before we come to nothing.”
A great summit happened then,
a long and arduous talk.
Eventually it came to pass
that the fate was then decided.
The nation cast the sickened city
from its love and its heart.
The blackened city released its demons
on the stronger nation.
With faces grim and heavy hearts
the nation gathered its strength.
It drove the people from their homes
so they would not be harmed.
The flames leapt up, buildings crumbled
as the city began to burn.
The city only known as ‘T’
was wiped from history.
And so the nation wiped away
the stain the city had bled. 
They stood and watched with regretful tears
and burnt the city to ashes.
And so as if the demon city
had never existed at all
The nation by the Purple sea
went home and tried to live.


But their hearts were rubble.
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