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September 18, 2014     erinbook     Page to Screen

I watch a lot of movie adaptations and I know a lot of people have opinions on every one of them. This is one that I have a LOT of opinions about.

There are times when I see a movie adaptation and I find myself asking, “did these people even read the book?” This was one of the times that I was shouting it. A lot of the changes made have very little purpose, so why make them? When you condense a book so much, sometimes you lose a lot of what made it so impactful. It also helps if your script doesn’t sound ridiculous coming out of the actors’ mouths.

Some of the problems I had with it were design related, things that are obviously stated and described in the book. Things like: what the heck did you do to the Ra’zac? The scariest creatures in Alegaesia are made of…what? Bugs? They’re not Oogey Boogey from Nightmare Before Christmas! They’re terrifying beaked creatures that can rip flesh from bone! Also, those things are a bitch to kill!

Do they even mention in the movie that Arya is an elf? Because I feel like if you knew nothing of the book you would not know that. She has nothing that sets her a part from humans, other than magic. And seriously, what is with the Native American garb? Some may call it offensive, I call it ridiculous.

There are many other inaccuracies and problems that work together to make this film pretty awful. I won’t waste your time by growling and complaining about them all but I will say that very few of them had any purpose whatsoever other than for the sake of being contrary.

However, there are several things I enjoyed about the film. One was Saphira the dragon. The voice and design work made her such a great CG character, full of emotion and personality. Though, what is with the feathers? The choice of Jeremy Irons for Brom was a great decision in casting. I couldn’t think of another actor who could do half as well with such an awful script.

As one of my favorite series, I was so excited when they adapted it into a movie, up until the moment I actually saw it. I wish they would do a remake that’s more faithful to the book in the future, until then I’ll watch this one on bad movie night.

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