Storytime Sunday: White by Me

October 12, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a weekly meme hosted here at The Book Nut in which I share short stories that I’ve used as writing practice. Want to share your own stories? Shoot me an email!
Today’s story is another “short short” story. Enjoy!
Cold. Deep, bone biting cold. The world seemed to swirl and spin around them, snowflakes and ice like pieces of the ground meant to swallow them up. There were drifts of the stuff as high as their hips, making walking nearly impossible as they trekked their way across the frozen tundra. Icy wind slapped at their faces, tearing at their bodies with nothing to interrupt its attack.
Their whole world was reduced to the head of a pin, their eyes focused on the small, dark shape ahead of them through the unbearable whiteness. White was supposed to be the existence of all colors at once. It felt like the worst form of the absence of color, all the world’s color drained away and replaced by unending nothingness. 
The world had been swallowed by some horrible monster, so it seemed to everyone who was brave enough to venture out into this horrible storm. Could this be the end of the world? Would they one day find everyone, perfectly preserved in ice for everyone to gawk at. That is, if anyone survived to gawk. 
They stumbled up what felt like a mountain and through a set of double doors into blazing heat. snow and ice fell from them as it melted and they could finally wrestle themselves free of their winter clothes. 
“So,” said a gentleman, who had appeared from a side room. “Who’s ready for an exam?” 


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