Storytime Sunday: Willy and James by Me

November 2, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a weekly feature hosted at The Book Nut where we share stories written by us, our friends, and anyone else who feels like sharing. Want to have a story featured? Email me at It is open to everyone.

Today’s story is actually a character sketch I wrote for a class.

Willy and James

Willy sat on the floor of his plush room, surrounded by this books and his cat. Most people would consider a 12 year old in with only a cat for a friend as a sign of some kind of mental disorder, but Willy didn’t really care what most people would think. He liked being able to talk to his cat. 

The cat was old, with tattered black and grey tufts of fur. He lounged on the floor beside Willy’s piles of books, sometimes getting up and rubbing his body against the until one fell open onto the floor so he could lay on it. Willy didn’t yell at his cat, he was only a cat after all. Besides, his cat was his best friend.

His cat didn’t require him to socialize or put up with the stupidity of regular people. Just because he could tell you about every chemical reaction he’d ever read about did not make him a freak, right? His cat didn’t correct him or tell him that he should spend more time trying to make friends rather than spending time with his books. He liked his books too. 

Books let him pretend that he wasn’t the only person who saw the world like he did. Well, there was another person like him. His brother always knew what he was talking about. But Mike was in college now, much too busy to be listening to his little brother ramble on about science and chemical reactions. Mike was learning about engineering and computers. And meeting girls. 

Willy wrinkled his nose. He didn’t like girls. Well, he didn’t like anybody really, but especially girls. All girls were concerned with was hair and clothes and kissing. Willy certainly wanted no part of the kissing, he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to put their lips on another person for any reason. He sighed and looked at his cat. 

“It’s just you and me James.”

The cat just stared back at him with intensely scrutinizing yellow eyes. 

“Meow.” he said. 

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