Storytime Sunday: Cold Blood by Me

November 9, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a weekly meme hosted at The Book Nut that shares stories written by myself and others. If you want your own writing featured my contact info is on the Contact page.

Cold Blood
Tiejens screwed his silencer into place on his sniper rifle and checked his sight. He was ready to finally end this game of cat and mouse with his target, it would only end with one of their deaths. The target’s death, not his. Tiejens smiled to himself coldly, he had ceased to think of his target as a person long ago. The man didn’t seem to care who he hurt in his quest for power so Tiejens wouldn’t care either. If he was going to commit a murder, he wasn’t going to cry about it, that’s for certain. 
Part of him tried to justify the murder he was about to commit. Though really, if he was honest with himself, it was more of an execution or assassination than a plain old murder. Regular murder was for amateurs, and Tiejens was no amateur. He’d killed before, and not every kill was in the interest of justice. Some were for money, others were simply for the fact that the victim had pissed him off that day, but this one was for revenge. 
And vengeance was going to be so sweet, his mouth almost watered at the thought of it. A blade to the throat would make a more satisfying kill, more personal, but this way was the easier and safer way to go. Tiejens smirked as his target came into sight and he shifted his rifle to take aim. 
“This is for Claudia,” he whispered, as he got his target in his cross hairs. “See you in hell.”
Tiejens pulled the trigger and watched his target slump to the ground with a quiet thump. He let out a sigh and rolled onto his back to look up at the sky. 
“That was less fun than I was hoping for.”
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