Storytime Sunday: The Cave by Me

November 23, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Storytime Sunday

Storytime Sunday is a meme in which I share stories written by myself and others. Some are edited and others are just practice. If you write short stories, shoot me an email so I can feature them! I’d love to have more writers on here.

The Cave: A Setting Sketch


The caved dripped water at the entrance, and from first glance it looks like a normal cave. Further inside is a metal door like one you would find at a high tech bank, complete with fingerprint and retinal scanners. 
Past that door is a massive room, filled with strange machines and large cylinders filled with misshapen bodies and vivid colored liquids. Everything seems strangely bright in the dank cave. The coat rack near the door is an oddly normal addition to the unfamiliar decor of this lab. On it are several lab coats stained in what looks like blood and dangerous chemicals. 
Near the back of the space stand several shiny stainless steel tables, the very look of them both terrifying and intriguing. Massive lights stand above them, shining blindingly on the cold metal tops. On the opposite side are lab tables, holding piles of lab equipment, chemicals, and instruments. 
A door in the wall nearby leads to a rather ordinary looking break room. On one wall stands a dented old refrigerator, leaking with a soft drip, drip, drip. Purple shag carpeting covers the floor, once meant as a joke but now an accepted part of the decorations. In the corner sit two large music speakers that look like rocks, also a joke but, broken now. No one has bothered to fix them when there are other, more important things to do. These scientist, whatever they do in their strange lab, have a strange sense of humor. 
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