TTT: Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

September 1, 2015     erinbook     Uncategorized

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the bookish in which we answer a topic posed by the hosts.

This week, characters you didn’t click with….

1. Ron Weasley- I know, gasp, shock, but I always thought Ron was annoying. He is tactless (forgetting that Harry doesn’t know all the things he does), jealous (Goblet of Fire Ron is one of the least pleasant characters ever), and that’s not even to mention the character in the middle of the never ending camping trip. Some friend. Hermione, you can do better. I never understood what she saw in him.

2. Ash from The Jewel. I really don’t give 3 straws about this one. If this character did not exist I might have given the book some more stars. Sorry, he’s so dull and cliche I can’t see him getting better in the next book.

3. Cosette from Les Miserables- Be it book, musical, or movie I cannot see what’s so great about this character. In fact, there’s very little to her and I’ve always been more of a Eponine fan so I don’t find her relationship with Marius that intriguing. Vive le Eponine!

4. Marius from Les Miserables- Ok, yeah I don’t really care for him either. Eponine pines for him but he’s a giant bag of dicks in the original brick of a novel. I never got the romance of any of it. I’ll be over here with my Enjolras/Eponine fan fic…

5. Asher from The Selection- Nope, I don’t get the fascination with this love triangle. Asher is a jerk and that is all, where’s the issue here?

6. Any character from Maximum Ride- This series has some of the most soulless characters in YA. Nothing about them makes me want to connect with them, they’re all just cardboard.

7. Bella Swan- Speaking of cardboard, this is the queen. There’s nothing here to click with. Dull, predictable, boring.

8. Juliet from Shatter Me- I couldn’t bring myself to invest myself with Juliet, or any of the characters really. Though Warner was pretty entertaining. No thanks.

9. Anyone in Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea- boy if I had t pick one book I REALLY didn’t click with it would be this. I couldn’t even finish.

10. Zayele from Blind Wish- Nope, just nope. I ranted about this in my Blind Wish review so I’ll just let that speak for itself but this girl needs a jiminy crickett.

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