TTT: Top Ten Series We Haven’t Finished Yet

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This Week: Top Ten Series We Haven’t Finished

I have yet to read the last three books in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments, but they’re pretty high on my list!

As far as Game of Thrones goes, I’m barely through the first section of book 5, Dance with Dragons. Book 4 was a little dull so I’m hoping for something a bit more interesting this time around. Gimme some Tyrion!

I’ve only read the first book in this series but from what I’ve heard books 2 and three are even better. While the last 4th of Magicians dragged a bit I’m still excited for more.

I love Ann so when Horde came out I grabbed it immediately. And then it sat on my shelf for months. Yes I’m still excited but I guess I just got a little distracted.

Same situation as Horde, grabbed book 3 and it sat on my shelf for ages and ages. I really need to finish off my trilogies.

I grabbed Hollow City as soon as it came out, however when I started reading it my senior year, classes started getting too crazy and I had to put it down. Soooooon I will get back to it so I can read Library of Souls.

Book 2 is on my shelf waiting for me. So much to read so little time

I just got book 3 in the last few month so as soon as I have an open spot I’m diving in. More ginger!

Another trilogy I just haven’t read the last book from yet. I really liked the first two so I just hope 3 doesn’t suck.

Oh look, another one I haven’t read the last book for. Jeez, I gotta get on some of these!

What are your picks? Share in the comments.

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5 responses to “TTT: Top Ten Series We Haven’t Finished Yet

  1. I was going to say that I only just read the first MAGICIANS book but that's not true, it's been at least six months and I haven't yet gotten to book two. I do have all three in the TBR! So many unfinished series and really no excuse on my part except lack of time!

  2. I read Partials so long ago that I can't see me ever going back to finish it now. I have so many other things to read, including starting the Ransom Riggs books.

  3. My sister started the Partials series, but I have no idea if she finished it. Because of our e-readers we don't go to the library together anymore, so I don't see what books she gets. I am going to wait until I have time to sit down and binge read the Miss Peregrine's books. I have to read the last Mara Dyer book!

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