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December 11, 2015     erinbook     Discussion, Feature, Uncategorized

The biggest difference between living at home and living in an apartment is space. I went from 17 bookcases to 4 and I’ve shoved literally as many books as I could into those shelves. The problem is that there’s no room for new books. Christmas is coming up and that means books are coming. There’s no doubt. So I had to make some decisions.

First was the cull. I dropped two boxes of books from my shelves in November. I knew there were a bunch of books on my shelves had been there for a very long time and would probably stay unread so they had to go.

The next step was chipping away at the TBR. I’ve been picking books that I knew I wouldn’t read a second time and putting them in the used bookstore pile once I’m through. The fastest way to do that was going through the dystopian trilogies I’ve been neglecting. In this way I’ve been able to finish and pull 9 books, 3 trilogies, off my TBR and off my shelves.

I’ve noticed that it’s easier to beast through and get rid of my dystopians. Part of this might be due to the sheer number of them and that so many of them are so similar. They’re quick reads and often not amazing enough to keep for another read. I’ve found that in many cases the dystopian worlds aren’t as detailed and painstaking as my beloved fantasies. Of course that’s not always the case.

I’m having a hard time cutting down more of my collection without reading them first, so I will probably continue picking my reads based on what I might be willing to part with once I’m done. It also has the side benefit of helping me fulfill my goodreads challenge, and I’m 7 books away from my goal.

How do you guys handle your growing collections? Let’s talk!

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