Tip and Tricks: Bookshelf Maintenance

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If you’re anything like me you’re bookshelves are probably in a state of half collapse under a mountain of double stacked books. So what’s a bookworm to do? Here’s a few tips to keep those shelves for as long as possible before you finally go about replacing them.

Help! My shelves are curving and bending!

First, check you pegs holding the shelves in place. You may find that they have slipped or the holes they sit in have cracked. If this is the case you’ll need to move the shelf or push the pegs in further.

Second, flip your shelf over. Yes, I know, sometimes the bottom of the shelf isn’t the same color as the top. But a little paint will do the trick. Or you can just fill the shelf until you can’t see it anyway.

Third, you may want to consider putting paperbacks or mass markets on weaker or upper shelves and moving hardcovers to stronger or lower ones. I keep my massive hardcovers on the very bottom near the floor.

The back of my shelf is coming off!

This is probably because you’re shoving books around your shelves all the time. With cheaper shelves like those black ones from walmart your backing is just cardboard. A couple of nails, a staple gun, heck even duct tape if your desperate will do the trick. But maybe be a bit more careful when reshelving.

My whole bookcase is crooked!

Ruh roh. This means that the connection points the the corners of your shelves are probably loose. This is bookshelf death. Some nails or screws can help, or if you’re lazy you can jam it between two stronger bookcases to hold it up. But really, you’re looking at a new bookcase sooner rather than later.

When looking for a new shelf…

I know you’re tempted by the cheapy walmart deal of particle board and cardboard. Don’t do it. If you have a lot of books, move them around a lot, or double stack that shelf won’t last very long. Get something stronger, made of actual wood, that doesn’t wiggle if you shake it. It will have a much longer life and save you money in the long run. Heck, an IKEA shelf would be better. Just stay away from those walmart specials.

What are your bookshelf maintenance tips? Share them in the comments.

From my shelf to yours,


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