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September 20, 2017     erinbook     Product Review

When it comes to bookish apps to have I feel like most of us have or have at least tried the Goodreads mobile app. But how is it functionally?

The answer? Ehhh not that great.

The Goodreads app works. Most of the time. But working and being user friendly are not the same thing.

The Goodreads app is hard to use. It’s not particularly intuitive. You have to do a lot of finangling around to get to what you want to do if its anything but searching for books. Adding books to your shelves? Not great, but doable. Anything else besides those two things? Yeah, good luck.

I actually don’t even have the Goodreads app on my phone anymore. It takes up space for an app that I don’t find particularly useful. I more often went to the mobile website rather than messing around with the app.  I do still have it on my tablet though.

If you only want the app to check ratings and reviews on books to decide whether or not to buy it, the app does the job. Anything past that, it’s pretty much worthless. As much of a pain as the actual site can be sometimes, the app is honestly worse. I don’t know why so many of us still use it. Maybe just out of habit.


This app gets  2 Nuts.

I don’t really recommend it, just use the mobile site.

What are your thoughts on the Goodreads app? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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