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October 14, 2017     erinthebooknut     Product Review


I’ve been a part of the book community for a long time now but in recent months I’ve found myself pulled into much more of the professional side of books and publishing. As I work on my own books and start doing research to enter the publishing world as an author (hopefully) I’ve been testing out different ways of getting industry news. One of these is through Publisher’s Weekly, an industry magazine sent out weekly that covers everything from acquisitions to reviews to the best sellers for the week.

Now I started off doing this with a free trial, 4 physical issues and access to more through the mobile app. Some of this information is accessible on their website for free but full issues are paid.

I much prefer the physical issues to reading the magazine on the app. I didn’t like how the app was set up, the format was irritating, and it just generally didn’t work for how I like to read. The physical issues are REALLY nice by comparison. They’re thick and full of great information and I flip through them on a regular basis when I’m bored.


There’s a major con. The subscription to this magazine is EXPENSIVE. Much too expensive for me to justify right now. Yes you’re getting weekly issues so it makes sense, but I just can’t afford it.

Despite that I love this magazine. It’s a great way to see which publishers are acquiring which kinds of books, what’s going on in the industry, what’s making charts (outside the NYT which is hot garbage right now), and professional reviews of the books I’m interested in. Honestly if it wasn’t so expensive I absolutely would subscribe.

In the future I do plan to subscribe when I have the money and if you’re interested in the professional side of the industry I recommend that you do too.

How do you get your industry news? Share in the comments.

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