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October 2, 2017     erinthebooknut     Page to Screen


I was so excited when I heard this movie was coming…and then I never saw it. I just didn’t have time or anyone to see it with (my husband doesn’t watch these sort of films). So when I found out it was on Hulu I waited until my husband went to work, grabbed a snack, and sat down to watch.

Now, before I talk about the movie I want to talk about the book a little. I read the book in preparation to see the movie. It had been on my TBR for years and this was the perfect excuse to read it. And despite the fact that it’s not anywhere near what I usually like to read and I was slightly annoyed by the naivety of the main character I really loved it. Loved it like I loved PS I LOVE YOU, my favorite chick flick (I really need to read that book). Loved it to tears, which the ending left me in. So the movie had some serious shoes to fill.

Now, the movie. It was so good. It was PS I LOVE YOU good. It was I-need-a-copy-on-my-dvd-shelf good. Emilia Clarke was a fabulous Louisa and made every annoying moment I had for the character into something sweet and endearing. The guy who plays Will, who I will forever think of as Finnick and never remember his real name was much more mild than book Will. Book Will was almost nasty in his self pity at times, where movie Will never had that edge. And yet I still think he did a great job translating the character into someone movie audiences could love.

The music is not something I often pay that much attention to but I couldn’t help it here. Why, you may ask? Because my favorite artist of all time had not one but 2 songs in it. Yes, Ed Sheeran’s music was the perfect addition to the film, they chose the perfect songs for both scenes and I squee’d a little bit.

Seriously this was a stellar movie adaptation. The casting was brilliant, from Louisa, to Nathan, to Will’s parents. Though the casting of Neville Longbottom as Patrick was a bit weird. Sorry, man, that takes some getting used to. BUT STILL, the book was adapted well in script, in tone, in emotion. I was hooked from minute one.

And so, this movie is one of the few who gets…

…the full 5 nuts!

I highly recommend this film. Like the book, it is incredibly British in its feel. It’s something I think American audiences should see to get their heads out of their US-centric Hollywood tastes. It’s beautiful, it’s endearing, it’s downright sad. And I loved every minute.

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