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March 7, 2018     erinthebooknut     Book List

Hey everybody. I had to have a moment the other day. I was sitting in front of my bookshelves trying to come to terms with the fact that some of my “friends” had to go. I have entire series on my shelves that have sat there for years just because of one unread book.

And so I thought to myself, Self, let’s get rid of them. Plenty of these books, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve just grown out of the need to finish. So I packed them up and they’ll be heading to new homes.

But I went a little further and decided to talk write a post about them, and a few other series I’ve decided not to finish. Because why not share with you my thoughts?

Now just because I’m not interested in reading these does not mean you can’t like them. If I have a book on this list that you love, tell me. But know that I probably won’t change my mind.



This one is probably the only truly terrible book on this list. I loved the concept behind MAXIMUM RIDE buy my god I have never read a book with less heart than this thing. I can’t imagine that the sequels would be any better. I would rather claw my eyes out.



I loved this first book. It was incredibly disturbing and about ten kinds of fucked up. But when I started reading book 2 I started to get bored and lose interest. Now maybe it was mood or maybe it just didn’t have the zing of the first book. Either way I don’t really feel the pull to continue. The first book stands fine on its own.



I read DELIRIUM and PANDEMONIUM back to back in a matter of hours. What I should have done was read REQUIEM right after. But I didn’t. And so it sat. And sat. And sat. And I bought the short stories. And they also sat. Now 4 years later I really have no urge to read either book. I doubt I could even remember most of book 2.



I couldn’t even finish the first book in the Shatter Me series let alone continue. I hated the main character, despised the writing style, there was just nothing here for me. Now with another book coming out I think I care even less.



I read the first two ARTICLE 5 books back to back when the 3rd one was coming out. They weren’t great. I have meant to read the third for ages now but I think it’s just time to admit it’s not going to happen. I have plenty of better books from Kristen to read.



I honestly give less fucks about BEAUTIFUL CREATURES than I do about Twilight.Now maybe that sounds bad but so is the execution of this story. With such a great concept, I was so disappointed that the focus was less on story elements and more on the shallow parts of the narrative. That and this book is written in such a deep south kind of style that it’s very distracting to try and read. I wanted the paranormal stuff to have much more value than it did here.

Having finished book one I think I can say I’m done.



This is the big one, guys. I know, I’m sorry. I have tried on three separate occasions to read or listen to this book and each on has failed miserably. If I can’t do that then I didn’t think continuing the set is going to be a thing. Too bad.


What are the series you’ll never finish. Share yours in the comments or write your own and link your blog post!

From my shelf to yours,


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