Pins: Decorating and Maintence. (Or, How to keep Your Pins from Falling Off Your Bag)

August 28, 2018     erinthebooknut     Feature, Tips an Tricks


As bookworms we always seem to collect a large amount of swag. One of my favorite types of swag is in the form of pins and buttons. Not only are they fun to decorats your bags with but they are great conversation pieces. “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PIN?” my coworkers ask. “Oh its from THIS BOOK by so and so”. And now you’ve interest in the book.

However, since our pins and buttons are often so important to us, many bookworms are scared to decorate their bags and accessories with their swag for fear of losing them.

Never fear, friends! There is a solution!


For Pins:

Before putting the backing on your pin, put something sticky over the point bit that will hold the backing in place. For this there are several options.

  • Sticky tack: my go to. Even if the pin falls off, the backing stays in place and you’ll often here the pin fall but not the backing. This way you’ll never lose a backing. Very rarely will pins fall off using this method.
  • Wax. I tend to recommend the stuff you use when you have braces to cover pointy bits
  • Glue. Glue the backings in place, but only if you don’t plan on taking them off the bag.


For buttons, many of the same rules apply. Only you’ll want to cover the bit of the button where the pointy bit meets the clasp when its already in place. Both sticky tack and wax work for this but the tack lasts longer and won’t flake off.


Other things to do with Enamel Pins.:

You don’t have to just put them on bags! There are plenty of options.

  • Stick them into a corkboard for display on your wall!
  • Attach them to scarves or belts.
  • Paint up a wooden box and use the pointy part of the pin like a nail to secure it to the top or side. Now you have a box with a nice logo or symbol on it!
  • Stick them into the wood of your bookshelf.
  • Decorate a ribbon with them and drape it across the front of your shelf or secure it to the wall.



And that’s today’s tips! What topic would you like me to cover next? Share in the comments.


From my shelf to yours,


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