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Resources for Readers- How t..

Resources for Readers- How to Find Free or Cheap Books Legally

  I’ve posted before about places for reviewers to get review copies for free but with the recent discussion of piracy it was brought up that there are few of the opportunities for readers. This is not wholly true. They are difficult to find to be sure, and there are plenty of low cost options […]

July 27, 2018
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Useful Posts for Readers and..

Useful Posts for Readers and Bloggers

The following links encompass posts written here at The Book Nut as well as others that I personally have found useful in the past. It is by no means a complete list. If there are posts you have found useful as a reader or as a blogger or that you yourself have written please leave […]

June 23, 2017

Things I Want to See More of..

Things I Want to See More of In YA Novels

I love YA, that’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows me. But there are also things I wish would change or that we could see more of in YA these days. I’m sure we all have such a list so feel free to add your own at the bottom in the comments. A few more […]

February 11, 2016