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The following links encompass posts written here at The Book Nut as well as others that I personally have found useful in the past. It is by no means a complete list. If there are posts you have found useful as a reader or as a blogger or that you yourself have written please leave links in the comments. I would love for this page to become a great reference for people in this community.

Resources (Nose Graze)

Resources (We Are Word Nerds)

Parajunkee (Ultimate Guide)

Beginning Bloggers

Starting a Blog

Getting Books

How do you get ARCs? Write a Request? Find a blogging program? This information and more can be found in these links.

Requesting ARCs: A Sample Letter

A “How To” ARC Reference Guide 

Information and Good Practices

Step by Step Guide

How To Get ARCs and Not Be a Jerk About It

Blogging Programs

Booklook Bloggers

First to Read



Shelf Awareness

Blogging for Books


Care and Repair:

Fix your collection up all pretty, get rid of pesky smells, and save your damp pages from a watery grave. Book care is essential for any book lover.

Book Care

Ex Library Copies

On Repairing Pages

Repairing Your Hardcover’s Spine

Repairing Your Paperback

Removing Odors from Your Books

Save the Book!: Rescuing Damp or Soaked Books


Buy books without breaking the bank. Expand that collection and make it look organized with these special tips.

On a Budget: Bargain Book Buying

On a Budget: Bargain Shelf Buying

Used Bookstore Browsing

Library Sales


Other helpful hints for bloggers and readers alike.


Making a Cup of Tea

Book Piracy

Marking Your Place

Reader Social Media Etiquette

Swag Guide: Whats, Hows and Whys

Bookish Spring Cleaning

Book Festivals and Conventions

Foreign Editions

Recognizing First Editions

Comment below with what other topics you would like to see info about as well as links to your own or favorite posts!

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