Tips and Tricks: Used Bookstore Browsing

February 23, 2017     erinbook     Feature, Tips an Tricks

Used Bookstore Browsing

You walk into a used bookstore and what do you see? Rows upon rows of books of all shapes and sizes, often mushed together in narrow isles. Sometimes not as well organized as an indie or retail bookstore would be and definitely not as well staffed. How does one navigate such a place?

Sometimes used bookstores can be a little intimidating, especially the bigger ones. There’s so much to see and sometimes you don’t have all day to leisurely stroll through every isle (especially if you’re there with a non-bookish person). What’s a book lover to do?

In such a case I’ve got a few tips to make checking out a used bookstore a breeze and make sure you get the most out of your visit.

  1. Go in knowing what genres you like. If you don’t like romances why bother walking around that section?
  2. Identify where your favorite genres are located in the store. Most bookstores, used included, have some kind of organization and it’s usually by genre. Figure out where your genres are in the store.
  3. Have a system. For instance, start at the back and work forward or start by the door and work your way around.
  4. Move from favorite genre to favorite genre.
  5. Spend the most time in your favorite spots. Linger where your favorite genres are. Don’t waste time with stuff you don’t like.
  6. If you have extra time, go ahead and browse the rest o the store. Just make sure you’re already done with your genres so you don’t miss anything.
  7. If looking for specific books, have a list before you go in. It will make your trip go smoother.
  8. If you can’t find something, its ok to ask. Im an introvert and hate talking to people but you can bet someone working in a small bookstore is probably completely understanding of that.
  9. If they have them, take a business card. It will help you keep track of your local stores if you have a card from each of them.
  10. If they have them, take a basket or bring something with you to hold your finds! It’s much easier than carrying around a pile.

There you have it, tips for navigating a used bookstore! It’s ok to be a little intimidated but don’t let it overwhelm you. It’s just like any other bookstore. In fact, it’s probably cheaper! Just enjoy yourself and you’ll be an expert browser in no time.

Got any tips of your own? Got a request for a Tip and Tricks topic? Share in the comments.

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