Tips and Tricks: Foreign Editions

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Foreign Editions
Have you ever found a series that you love so much that you want every edition you can find whether you can read it or not? I could name quite a few who feel like that, myself included. But how can you get foreign editions without traveling all over the place? Oh, well let me tell you….
First, keep in mind that I’m American and I only have experience with American stores and such. Some of these tricks may not work in your country, but then again some of them may. You’ll have to try them for yourself!
If you’re a collector of books in languages other than your own there are several resources you can look to. First is the internet. There are all kinds of websites that sell books in many languages, but that can get expensive. My particular obsession are UK editions of books. In that case Book Depository is my best friend. I also use them if I think an American cover is hideous and the UK one is better.
Another place you may want to look is your local thrift and used book shops. You’ll probably have the best luck at thrift and charity shops, as they are less picky than your usual used book store. That being said, I got almost my entire UK Harry Potter set from Half Price Books, collecting one book at a time as I found them (I’m still looking for the children’s edition of Deathly Hallows).
Trading is another excellent way to collect foreign editions of your favorite books. Maybe you know someone who speaks another language, either in real life or on the internet. They might be willing to give up their copies. If they live in another country shipping may be expensive so keep that in mind.
Sometimes, and I have only seen this once or twice, authors will give their author copies of different foreign editions away. Most often this happens on their websites or Twitter. Authors only have so much space and once and a while they get fed up with multiple author copies in languages they don’t understand. Let me be clear, DO NOT ASK AN AUTHOR FOR THEIR AUTHOR COPIES! This is only an option when THEY are the ones offering their foreign language editions to followers. They get limited numbers of their author copies and they will not appreciate you begging for them. Don’t be a dick, guys.
So if you’re looking for something in particular, reach out. Someone may know where you can get something you may want. Just keep in mind that you are not owed anything and be kind if someone tries to help and it doesn’t work out!EDIT: And don’t forget the odd library sale, they never know what they may have in stock. Beside their own former library books, libraries get donations specifically for sale.

Have any other ways to get foreign editions? Share in the comments. What Tips and Tricks would you like to see?
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