Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Horror Movies for Halloween Lovers

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish. This week we were supposed to talk about Halloween reads (which I’ve already done) or movies. Since I’ve already talked kids movies and not so scary adult movies in previous posts, it’s time to talk horror movies. The movies on this list are my personal favorite picks. I like a wide range of different kinds of horror so you’ll get all sorts here.

1. The Ward- This movie is not so much scary as it is weird and mind bending. You never know what to expect and the ending was nothing like I expected.

2. The Original Friday the 13th- the original is way better than the remake, they usually are.

3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose- part exorcism movie and part court room drama, this movie is so unique. I love horror movies based (even loosely) on true stories. You’ll see a lot of those here.

4. Woman in Black- Basic haunting murderous ghost type movie. I really liked Daniel Radcliffe here, even if a lot of people didn’t.

5. Cabin in the Woods- If you didn’t figure it out before, this is a homage/parody of horror films. I love the creativity of this one.

6. The Conjuring- Another “based on a true story” horror film. What I love about this one is how the tension builds, they don’t scare just for scares sake. There’s purpose and thought.

7. Rosemary’s Baby- Classic horror movie, moving on!

8. Orphan- This one is so weird and more creepy than scary. That’s fine with me, I like movies like this better than cheap scare films.

9. Horns- Oh hey Daniel Radcliffe, nice to see you again. Based on Joe Hill’s book, this independent film is whacked! Some people thought it was a bit too weird but I love it.

10. The Haunting in Connecticut- Our last “based on a true story” film. This one gives me the serious creeps in the best way.

What are your top horror movies? Share in the comments!

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