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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish where we answer a list topic posed by the hosts.

This week is Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors. Oh boy, this is a hard one. All of the following are instabuy authors but even that might not be enough to cut it down. I may have to extend this to 15 or 20.

1. JK Rowling- Do I really need to explain this?

2. George R.R, Martin- The detail in his books is so staggering!

3. Leigh Bardugo- I fell in love with her world before I even realized it. The writing is just so beautiful.

4. Sarah J. Maas- Must. Have. More.

5. Natalie D. Richards- Not only are her books really good but Natalie is just such an awesome person!

6. JRR Tolkien- Pretty sure I own everything ever released under his name.

7. Christopher Paolini- One word: Eragon. I’ve been obsessed with those books since middle school.

8. Anne Rice- The reason I love a GOOD vampire story, Anne Rice is finally going back to the stories I love. And yes, I do know she’s a bit of a lunatic. I just can’t help but love her stories.

9. Neil Gaiman- Can I just hug this man? Just once?

10. Robin LaFevers- Assassin. Nuns. But really, her writing sort of entrances you and you forget that the book is over 300 pages.

11. Jane Austen- What can I say, Mr. Darcy was my first book boyfriend. Colonel Brandon was a close second.

12. Rick Riordan- MYTHOLOGY! *drool*

13. Brandon Sanderson- How does this guy have the time to write so many books? Seriously.

14. Agatha Christie- I almost own the full collection. Sooooooon.

15. Dan Brown- I love the Langdon books with a passion.

Ok, so 15. That’s not too crazy? Who are yours? Share/link in the comments.

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  1. I don't follow the TTT feature, but I love to visit those who do. I liked this topic especially. JKR and Bardugo would certainly be on my list, too! I read The Hobbit the summer before my senior year in high school and the LotR trilogy during that year. I did read The Hobbit again sometime during college and was planning a reread of LotR after receiving a box set of paperbacks for my 30th birthday, but after several tries to get into the story, quit trying. Strange, huh? I love the movies and have watched them over and over, but I am always a little embarrased to say I have only read the trilogy once. Maybe I should try again now. 🙂

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