TTT: Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

May 12, 2015     erinbook     Uncategorized

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted at The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s topic is ten authors I really want to meet.

1. Sarah J. Maas- Oh wait, I will! On Saturday! Wooohooo!

2. J.K. Rowling- I mean, duuuuuh!

3. Leigh Bardugo- I adore her worlds and her characters!

4. Margaret Peterson Haddix- After exchanging emails  I can say this woman is awesome.

5. Kristen Cashore

6. Robin Lafevers

7. John Green- He seems like a good conversationalist.

8. Rainbow Rowell- one word, Fangirl.

9. Christopher Paolini- I would love to talk languages with this guy.

10. Cassandra Clare- So many reasons, so many books.

What is your list? share/ link in the comments!

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One response to “TTT: Top Ten Authors I REALLY Want to Meet

  1. We agree on JKR (duh) and Leigh Bardugo. GRISHA! I would also have A.G. Howard because not only did I adore her Wonderland retelling with her Splintered series, she also helped me out when I was first starting my blog as a bumbling idiot. She was also my first follower on Twitter. I want to meet A. Lyndon Rolland to HUG HER! She wrote this wonderful Paranormal YA that was really comforting to me during a rough patch in my life last year. Maggie St#&$Fiv$&, ha ha, the author of the Raven Boys series. I can never remember how to spell her last name, but I know how to pronounce it, Steve-otter. Joe Kipling is my British author friend. She was first an acquaintance of mine on a Harry Potter social site MyLeaky, and fellow Ravenclaw. Another Claw posted about Joe's book Blinded by the Light (it is a YA Dystopian, some readers bought it thinking it was a religious book and were disappointed, lol). I wanted to support my fellow Claw, so I bought the ebook and it was relieved that it was great. It would have been awkward if I had not liked it. She was my very first blog interview and blog tour, so we have become even closer since her book came out. She was supposed to have a train layover this summer in my city, and we were supposed to have lunch and a martini, but her itinerary was changed. We plan to meet the next time she comes to NYC because it is only three hours from where I live. I think most of the other authors I would love to meet are dead, like L'Engle, Harper Lee, Dr. Seuss, and Frank Herbert. Oh wait! Cecil Castillucci (spelling?)

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