RIP It or Ship It Book Tag (Part Two)

June 19, 2015     erinbook     Book Tag

R.I.P It
or Ship It
(Part Two)
It’s Part Two! Let’s do a quick recap of the rules here!

Hey guys! I saw this tag on youtube and I decided it looked fun. You can find it on Katytastic’s channel but I have no idea who started it. It just looked like a good time. 

So here’s what we’ve got, I put a bunch of character names (pretty much a bunch or random favorites) in a cup, both male and female. I’ll pull two out two names and tell you if I’d ship it or R.I.P it. Pretty simple.

So let’ start where I left off last time!

11. Jem from The Infernal Devices and….Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses! You know… I’d like to see that. I think they could compliment each other. Feyre could use a bit of Jem’s gentleness.

Ship IT!

12. Dorian from Throne of Glass and Tris from Divergent….-This one doesn’t skeeve me out like I thought it might. But I’m not attached to Dorian and Celaena as a couple in the first place so maybe that’s why. Yeah, I’d give it a chance.

Ship It!

13. Chaol from Throne of Glass and Maxon from The Selection- You know, these two have some of the same tendencies to get a little stupid with their love interests at times so they may be able to find a bit of common ground. I think it would have to start as a friends to lovers thing though, a bit of a slow burn.

Ship it!

14. Magnus from the Shadowhunter Chronicles and… Eadlyn from The Heir- Ummm maybe on Magnus’ side but probably no…just no.

R.I.P It!

15. Theron from Snow Like Ashes and Balthazaar from Mortal Heart- I can see these guys as bros but I just can’t picture them as a couple.

R.I.P It.

16. Rachel from the Defiance Trilogy and Newt from the Maze Runner- Wow, that’s a really random one. Maybe? I just can’t see a situation where they would even meet or what they’d even talk about. I’m thinking no.

R.I.P it.

17. Isaac from The Fault in Our Stars and Alaska from Looking for Alaska- Whoa, how did that even happen? Way to go cup! I would totally read that story.


18. Kestrel from Winner’s Curse and Rowan from Heir of Fire…-hmmmm now there’s a thought…yeah, why not?

Ship it.

19. Kian from Mortal Danger and…..Severus Snape from Harry Potter…..- HAHAHAHAHA What? Hhahahahahahahaa no! No way, not gonna happen in anyone’s world. Nope.


20. Nikolai from The Grisha Trilogy…. and Tamlin from A Court of Thorns and Roses- I think these guys would have to be bros. I don’t know if Nikolai and Tamlin could step aside and let each other rule. Would either one be able to set aside his own ego to co-rule? Nikolai might if pushed but I don’t know about Tamlin. Ergh this one is hard!

I’m going to have to….


Ok, that’s it for the tag. Do it for yourself, it’s a ton of fun!

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  1. I wouldn't want Dorian to have to deal with Tris and her whining, or her poor decisions. But I am not attached to him with Celaena, so it wouldn't be terrible. I am so not shipping Chaol and Maxon!!! Mostly because Chaolaena is my ultimate ship, but also because I hate Maxon. Kestrel and Rowan, not that could be a fun one! I SHIP IT TOO!

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