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August 13, 2015     booklovi     Feature, Product Review

Kindle Accessory: Moko Cover

So a few weeks ago I reviewed my Kindle Paperwhite and told you guys how much I love it. One of the first things I wanted to get when I purchased my Kindle was, of course, a cover. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a Kindle and then have it get ruined because I dropped it.
I did a lot of research online, looking at reviews of different covers before I decided on this one:


MoKo Cover

And looking at it on Amazon now, it has over 3,400 positive reviews!! And this is totally well deserved.
Some of the things I love about it:
1) It’s really well-padded without being super bulky. The front, back and around the front of the screen are all covered with a durable padding that really does a good job protecting your Kindle.
2) The interior has a soft microfiber layer that protects the screen while the cover is closed.
3) The Kindle fits in the case securely, once it’s in, it’s definitely not coming out! You can shake it around and it will still be in there.
4)  The magnetic closure keeps the cover closed without having to latch anything – plus it makes a satisfying sound when it closes lol
5) It’s slim enough that you can hold your Kindle in one hand comfortably without any problems.
6) With the cover on, you have easy access to the USB plug without having to remove any part of the cover.
7) A good selection of colors – looks like right now they have 10 colors to choose from.
8) The price! Right now, it’s $13.99 and free shipping!
I’ve had this case for over a year now and it’s held up beautifully even with all the use it gets. It really is a great bargain and has protected my Kindle over many falls and the abuse that living with three kids can put something through.
If you’re looking for something durable, attractive and for a great price you definitely can’t go wrong with this case.


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