Places to Go: Grounds for Thought- Bowling Green, OH

October 21, 2015     erinbook     Feature, Places to Go, Recommendations

Oh man, I love used bookstores. When I moved I was really sad that I was going to be leaving my chain of thrift stores behind. I mean, they’re the reason I have something like 600 books. However, it seems my new city has just the thing.

Bowling Green is a college town dominated by the humongous Bowling Green State University. The University is huge, like a city to itself, but the actually city around it is pretty small. So when I discovered a real used bookstore that wasn’t a Goodwill (the Goodwill here is fabulous though) I knew I had to check it out.
Grounds for Thought is part used bookstore, part coffee shop. Yep, books and coffee, it’s perfect. They trade books for store credit (yay) but they also sell a few DVDs, older comics, and records. The first time we walked in, my fiancee and I spent $45 right off the cuff. Granted, thta’s not that hard to do for book lovers. The books are priced at a little less than half the publisher’s price. Lucky for me YA is pretty cheap in that regard.
I was surprised at how well the store has organized its collection, not to mention the sheer size of the place. The YA alone spans half a wall and three small shelves in front of that. So far I’ve cleaned the place out of anything really interesting in YA but I’m planning another trip back soon.
The big downfall is this: turnover is slow and it takes sweeks to get your store credit. I wish they could go through your stuff right there like Half Price books, but unfortunately not. They also give you about as much money as a Half Price, which isn’t a lot but I just spend it there anyway so I don’t really mind.
I can’t wait to try the coffee and yummy smelling baked goods. The few times I’ve gone in I was completely book focused. If you’re ever in the area, I definitely recommend giving this store a look, it’s a great place to find all kinds of goodies.
What’s a great local place for you? Share in the comments.
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