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Pirates and Dragons and Wizards Behaving Badly—


Welcome to the Shattered Realms


Fans of my Seven Realms series http://cindachima.com/Demon_King/About_the_Seven_Realms.htm have been letting me know in countless ways that they would like to see more of that world and those characters.

Well, then. As one reviewer put it, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The action in The Shattered Realms takes place twenty-five years after the events of the original series. It’s not necessary to have read the previous series to enjoy this one, but, of course, I hope you wilCinda_AP2_mdl.

The war between the Ardenine Empire and the embattled Queendom of the Fells drags on–the grudge match that began when Queen Raisa ana’Marianna refused the king of Arden’s offer of marriage, which would have meant folding the queendom into King Gerard’s growing empire.  Though the Highlander Army and the clans have managed to repel  Arden’s relentless summertime campaigns, it’s come at a huge cost. It’s unclear how much longer the queendom can survive.

Given that the characters in The Shattered Realms are the children of some of the people I tormented—er, featured in my original series, I suppose you could call it a spinoff. In fact, the characters in the new series, Adrian sul’Han (Ash) and Jenna Bandelow, appeared in some of the first fiction I wrote set in that fantasy world.

Tip for writers: Never throw anything away.

Ash and Jenna have endured heartbreaking losses and developed the skills to survive in a world at war.  At seventeen, Ash walks the line between life and death, working both sides as healer and assassin.  Jenna also lives a dual life in the captive city of Delphi. She’s a blaster in a coal mine by day, and a spy and saboteur by night, fighting back against the Ardenine empire.

Jenna has a secret: a jewel-like magemark embedded in the back of her neck. She’s been told to keep it hidden—that it will make her a target. What she doesn’t know is that the hunt has already begun. The secrets of her past are resurfacing, bringing a new threat to the realms from across the sea.

The cost of war goes beyond blood and treasure. That’s reflected in the range of choices facing Jenna and Ash. Their stories are independent of the first series, and yet they are paying a price for the actions and decisions made by those who came before.

The series launches with Flamecaster, coming your way from HarperTeen April 5, 2016.

For more information about Flamecaster, including a look at the opening chapters, go here http://cindachima.com/Flamecaster/Flamecaster.htm

I’ll be touring for the launch. For more information about my schedule and where I’ll be, go here http://cindachima.com/Events/events.htm

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Many thanks to Cinda for coming on the blog again this year. Enter to win a copy of her new book Flamecaster in our massive giveaway!

From my shelf to yours,

Erin & Cinda

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  1. Theresa Snyder

    I hate to admit that I haven’t read any of Cinda’s books yet but they have been in my tbr pile for quite awhile. Obviously I need to bump then up! I love to read series books and I do like it when authors will continue a series but as a new one like Cinda is with Shattered Realms! Thanks for this post!

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