What the Hell, Marvel?

July 18, 2016     erinthebooknut     Uncategorized

Comics are hard. Especially the big, expansive ones that have had established canon going on for decades. It’s what’s kept me from going hardcore, all out into certain series.

Until I went to a porch sale and ended up buying 111 comic books. About 70 or so we’re in Ed Brubaker’s line of Captain America, reportedly a great place to start and some of the best writing in the CA canon.

Here’s the rub: Marvel is confusing as shit.

Around the 50th issue of the run, Marvel changes the numbering system. Instead of the continuing the numbering as they had (1-50 and so on) they switch to 600+. Really annoying when you’re trying to sort.

so then I find out that my #1-19 aren’t 1-19 of volume 5 but of volume 6. Greaaaaat. So I’m missing the first 20 or so issues in the run, unbeknownst to me.

Marvel, your labeling sucks.

So now I have officially figured out what I’m missing and I have a good portion of the collection (including the complete Civil War and Death of CA arcs that I had really wanted). Woot! Now that I know how the system works, collecting will be much easier. But let me tell you Marvel, you make it really hard for a novice fan to jump in.

Are there any comic fans out here? What are you into? Share in the comments?

From my shelf to yours,


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