Places to Go: Rochester Teen Book Festival

May 18, 2017     erinthebooknut     Feature, Places to Go

Every May there is one place you’ll find me, without fail. Going on 4 years now myself and a couple of friends make the 5 hour trek from Ohio to New York to the Rochester Teen Book Festival. 3 of those years co-blogger Laura has accompanied me. This is the first year we’re going just the two of us.

ROCTBF is an annual free event featuring a bunch of YA authors that is run through the local library and gets thousands of attendees each year. It is held at Nazareth College and is well worth the trip each year.

It features:

  • A massive signing
  • Author and writer panels
  • A buying table run through Barnes and Noble
  • All kinds of vendors
  • A raffle for ARCs and gift baskets
  • An opening ” Truth or Talent” event introducing each author
  • Food trucks
  • A band
  • And other fun bits of entertainment

Many schools bus in their kids and some dress up. Last year their were even a few in full Homestuck cosplay.

While everyone else is planning for BEA and ALA, Laura and I have our sights set on TBF. This year I don’t have quite the massive stack to bring as I usually do, however my trusty rolling suitcase will be accompanying me as always. It’s the easiest way to carry around my books without killing myself.

If you’re in the area or have the resources to go I highly recommend checking out this event. And if you do, come by and say hello!

See you on May 20, 2017!

From my shelf to yours,


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