Darkest Minds Series-Cover Change Talk

August 15, 2017     erinthebooknut     Uncategorized

So the DARKEST MINDS series has new covers. Now normally when it comes to a cover change I get a little bit ragey and moan about how bad my shelves will look. This is because most of the time when this happens it happens mid series. This time these changes come after the entire series has been released and so I am much less concerned. So let’s get right to my thought on the covers themselves!

At first I really didn’t like them. My gut reaction was similar to the 5th Wave movie cover, a disgusted sneer. But the the more I look at them the more they seem to grow on me. For instance, I love that on each cover, one letter is highlighted, Spelling out DARK if you put all of them side by side. It’s a fun little detail that shows that they actually did put thought into the design of the covers.

THE DARKEST MINDS is probably the weakest of the set but the other three books do look pretty good. The colors seem a little off and don’t match as well as the rest but that might also be the terrible shade of orange they chose. What is with these new covers and bad orange coloring? In particular I love the cool colors of NEVER FADE and the fiery glow of THROUGH THE DARK. Even IN THE AFTERLIGHT has a better handle on its coloring than the first one. Once you put it together with the rest of the set, THE DARKEST MINDS doesn’t look too bad.

I’m completely on board for these new bits of content that are coming with the release of these new editions of the books. This alone might have me buying an entirely new set to sit beside my originals. I don’t usually buy extra sets because of the covers ( though I have done once or twice in the past) but I think in this case I might be willing to do it.

This is the right way to do a cover change, waiting for the series to be over so those of us with book OCD don’t have to lament and rage over our mismatched shelves. I’m telling you, this is a thing that legitimately distracts and irritates me. Regardless they did a decent job, though not amazing I think I still might pick them up at some point.

What are your thoughts on this cover change? Share them in the comments!

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