Secrets of Droon- Thumbing Through Throwbacks

February 1, 2018     erinthebooknut     Book review, Feature, Thumbing Through Throwbacks


By the late 90’s I was quickly running out of early reader chapter books and was reading far above my level. Harry Potter had just come out and I was getting into fantasy and magic books of all sorts. Then Scholastic released Secrets of Droon, a 44 book series that ran for about 12 years from 1999-2011 or so.

These were tiny chapter books but full of some of the most imaginative magic and adventure I had read to date (Harry Potter was still young). They were addicting and I read about 20 of them before I eventually aged out and found much longer stories of action and fantasy.

Still I remember these books fondly, and even my own mother who was in her 40’s at the time enjoyed picking them up and reading them after I devoured each one. Going to the bookstore or library for the new Droon books became a tradition. My mom always said it was hard to tell me no when I asked for a new book. How do you shoot down a kid who wants to read? Books where the one thing we treated ourselves with.

So the two of us read and discussed as an emperor was resurrected and the rainbow stair transported our heroes back and forth from the Upper World to Droon and back. I was my first sort of book club experience.

I have incredibly fond memories of this series even though it’s been something like 18 years since I’ve read one of these books. I don’t even remember the plot super well other than the basics. But I remember the feeling I got while reading them and the magic that seemed to permeate everything I wanted to read at that time because of Harry Potter and this series together.

Everyone talks about Harry but no one talks about Droon. So here’s to Droon, my other magical home away from home.

Did you ever read the Droon books?

What did you like to read as a kid? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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