Halloween at Hogwarts Event Recap

November 9, 2017     erinthebooknut     Event, Feature

Halloween time for a college student is an excuse to dress up, get drunk, and in some cases be a little more flirty than usual. However at BGSU this year it was also time to let your geek flag fly. Why? Because Dining Services let out their inner wizard and put on a Harry Potter themed dinner at one of its dining halls.

Now some of you may know that I work on campus so of course I was ready and willing to be part of this fabulous night.

Robes? Check. Tie? Check. Wand holster? Made it myself. And off we went.


BGSU Dining left no stone unturned that night. Floating candles, class room signs, house tables, and even Harry Potter trivia and your own Hogwarts acceptance letter! Students ate it up by the hundreds.

You enter the dining hall and are greet by Hedwig and a Malfoy (moi). At the Owlery you can pick up your letter and your trivia page. You can also leave some hats, socks, or gloves to help free the house elves (all of which were donated to charity).


In the food lines you can try Madame’s Brussel Sprouts, Hogwarts mashed potatoes and Bubotuber Pus Potion (gravy), Thousand Herbs and lemon turkey breast, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, Butterbeer floats, and more wizarding delicacies.

You can sit down at your house table and do your trivia to enter for a prize, put on the sorting hat, and take pictures with a few of the characters running around the dining hall. There are decorations everywhere.

Truly this was a Halloween to remember for BGSU Students who got to enjoy their little slice of Hogwarts. It was a pretty fun but exhausting night for the staff as well!



What did you do for Halloween this year? Share your experiences in the comments below!]From my shelf to yours,


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