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November 11, 2017     erinthebooknut     Discussion, Feature

If something makes a book less functional, maybe not do it.

-Hank Green

Deckled edges. Beautiful addition or nuisance?

What are deckled edges to begin with? You know those books that have the unevenly cut pages that makes them look all bumpy and cool? That’s the deckled edge. They’re not particularlly useful, mostly just decorative and sometimes a sign that the publisher has put a lot of faith in a book to put that much effort into it.

In his video about his book pet peeves, Vlogbrother Hank Green mentions how he HATES deckled edges, how he believes that they make a book both harder to read and more expensive. Personally I disagree with this assessment.

First that books with deckled edges are more expensive. Now perhaps with adult novels such as the Neil Gaiman book showed in the video this is perhaps true. However young adult novels  with deckled edges do not seem more expensive than those without. See for instance The Winner’s Curse.

As for the more important point, that it makes the book less functional or harder to read. Is this something other people have found? Personally while reading I have never noticed any difference in my reading experience between deckled and non deckled edge books. The just sort of look cool.

So this brings me to my final opinion:

I like deckled edges. I think they look really neat, particularly in instagram photos. Are they necessary? Definitely not. But they’re a nice addition for books meant to look a little fancier. I don’t know if they really have any other purpose than that but they certainly aren’t a detriment as far as I can see.

‘How do you feel about books with deckled edges? Are they harder for you to read? Sare your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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