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The Bird and the Blade Blog Tour

  ABOUT THE BOOK The Bird and the Blade by Megan Bannen Publisher: Balzer + Bray Release Date: June 5, 2018 Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Synopsis: As a slave in the Kipchak Khanate, Jinghua has lost everything: her home, her family, her freedom … until she finds herself an unlikely conspirator in the escape of […]

June 2, 2018

The Greatest Adventure…..

The Greatest Adventure….A TBF Journey

As ever, Laura and I made the trip to Rochester NY for TBF. The 2018 event promised to be amazing as there were several authors we were excited to see. Many of these authors of these authors were ones that we grew up with as children including Margret Peterson Haddix, Bruce Coville, and Tamora Pierce. […]

May 20, 2018

Laura’s Summer TBR

I know that right now the world is muddy and gross and it is always either too hot or too cold for comfort. Everyone’s allergies are acting up and all I want to do is curl up with a book and read. Ah, spring. Soon, though, it will warm up. The sun will come out […]

May 17, 2018

Review: The Truth is a Cave ..

Review: The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains by Neil Gaiman

I like to break up my reading list with a graphic novel here and there. I love looking at the art while I read, and I feel that it is an underappreciated category of books. This one was amazing. I love Neil Gaiman’s work, so I knew that I would probably enjoy it, but I […]

May 14, 2018



SO. We’ve all been eagerly awaiting almost ANYTHING from the world of Prythian (and, let’s face it, WE WANT MORE RHYSAND!). So when A COURT OF FROST AND STARLIGHT was announced, all of us ACOTAR fans collectively squealed! But the question is : WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT? First off, there’s the page count. While […]

May 2, 2018

King of Scars by Leigh Bardu..

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo- Cover Talk

    Though as far as I know the cover reveal wasn’t slated until about 2 hours from now, Amazon apparently didn’t get the message and released the following cover on their website. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the cover for KING OF SCARS, book one in a duology featuring our favorite GrishaVerse king. […]

April 30, 2018
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Choosing Excellence Over Laz..

Choosing Excellence Over Laziness, a GUEST POST by Chelsea Bobulski- OAAA 2018

  I am operating from deep within the Revision Cave, with four deadlines fast approaching for four different projects, and so I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about a problem I often encounter within myself when Revision Time rolls around, and that is my precondition toward laziness. It’s actually really fascinating […]

April 30, 2018

The Book Loft- A Side Trip A..

The Book Loft- A Side Trip Adventure

No book festival trip is complete without a side trip to a bookstore. Luckily Columbus is home to one of the most unique bookstores we’ve visited so far. I have already been to The Book Loft before but for Laura this was a new experience. Same for my sister and her little nugget (my nephew). […]

April 28, 2018

SLEIGHT Blog Tour + Giveaway..

SLEIGHT Blog Tour + Giveaway!

We are so pleased to be part of the SLEIGHT blog tour! Special thanks to Rockstar Book Tours for having us! About The Book: Title: SLEIGHT  Author: Jennifer Sommersby Pub. Date: April 24, 2018 Publisher: Sky Pony Press  Formats: Hardcover, eBook Pages: 424 Find it: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, TBD, Goodreads   Delia smiles at the shadow only she sees— Something slams into her. The lyra whirls […]

April 27, 2018

Adult Male Fiction and Dan B..

Adult Male Fiction and Dan Brown: Some Thoughts

These days the ever popular victim of the female disgust in literature is the adult male description of female characters. These posts turn into memes and we all get a hearty laugh out of it. Haha men can’t write women because of “insert reason here”. I admittedly laugh and share. But I don’t read a […]

April 27, 2018