Slayers by CJ Hill

September 2, 2013     ebecks     Book review

Slayers by CJ Hill

Publisher: Feiwell & Friends
Release Date: September 2011
373 Pages

Received: Library copy in preparation for review of Slayers #2: Friends and Traitors ARC from Goodreads


Format: Hardcover

Summary: A rich girl, Tori, goes to Dragon Camp for the summer only to discover that it is no ordinary camp and she is no ordinary girl. Not only that but dragons are real, and really dangerous. She must overcome her own fears and disadvantages to help a group of teenagers protect the innocent. 
Review: This book was unexpectedly fantastic. I won the sequel in a First Reads giveaway forgetting that I would have to read book one in order to start book two. I am so glad I picked this book up. It’s a deceptively fast read. It took me longer than normal because I started my next semester of college but it only took two sessions to finish. 
One of my biggest pet peeves in YA literature is teenage characters who have their whole lives thrown into chaos and just accept it like everything that happens to them is completely normal. I am happy to say that this book does not do that. Tori has a very realistic reaction to finding out that dragons exist: freaking out. I really appreciated her reluctance to just go along with the insanity that has just fallen into her lap.
Now as for the other characters, Tori’s sister is one of the most annoying, stuck up, rich girls that I’ve ever read. I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one. She’s supposed to be obnoxious but I wonder if she’s just a bit too grating on one’s nerves. The boys are both a little moody at the beginning but that begins to make sense as the book continues. Lilly is a giant witch for absolutely no reason. She isn’t really in the book for long enough that her witchiness means anything. As of the first book she is just an annoying presence in the background.
Another of my pet peeves is when a set up for a novel is too perfect. For example, in a dystopian story a meteor comes too close to the Earth and for some reason kills off everyone over the age of 18. I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. You better have a really good explanation. This book features one of those ridiculous set ups. And there is a mediocre explanation for it. Happily, the rest of the book is good enough that you can forgive and forget that ridiculous reasoning. Mostly.The biggest annoyance of the book was the italics that pop up whenever the point of view switches to anyone but Tori, Though I understand the reasoning for this formatting I hate it. Absolutely hate it. It is distracting and unnecessary. *steps down off of soap box*

Despite my occasional nitpicking I loved this book. It has great twists and a cool plot. The small annoyances keep it well out of the five star rating but I would definitely love to have it on my shelves. Preferably with the cover that will match my ARC. I can’t wait to start the second book!

Coming soon: Slayers #2: Friends and Traitors

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