Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

September 14, 2018     laurathebibliophile     Book review, Uncategorized

First, a note: if you know me at all, you know that putting the word “Ravens” on anything is going to get my attention. Ravens are beautiful, intelligent, and they remind me of Edgar Allan Poe.
I’m going to the Pickerington Public Library Young Adult Book Festival in October, and I realized that I hadn’t read anything from quite a few of the authors. I prefer to have read an author’s work before I meet them, so I had to remedy this. I decided to check out which authors had books on Overdrive and start with whatever looked interesting without reading descriptions. This one had “ravens” in the title, so you can imagine how long I deliberated. (Dear other PPLYA authors: I’m going to read your books too. I’m just a sucker for Ravens.)
I started this book unsure of what to expect, and let me tell you… I finished this book unsure of what to expect. I love the many little twists and turns the story took. Right up to the end, there was always some small bit that surprised me, even when I had guessed another part. The laws of magic were fascinating, different than I’m used to, and I loved it!
Each of the characters felt real and visceral, like I could reach out and touch them, or like if I wasn’t careful, I would be sucked into their world. I found myself genuinely caring about them, and there was more than one part when I had to stop and hold my phone to my heart and take a deep breath before I could go on. (I read this book on my phone and it took me two afternoons.)
I was devastated to find that I couldn’t see a sequel anywhere because there’s a STORY there, and I need to know what happens. I’m one hundred percent going to ask Ms Rogerson about this when I see her.
I would recommend this book to everyone. It has magic, romance, bloody fights, friendships, and family, and it sucked me in so completely that I didn’t touch another book until I’d finished it. For reference, I usually read two or more books at once. Go pick it up if you haven’t had the pleasure.

From my bookshelf (and phone) to yours, Laura

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