Book Pet Peeves #5: Book Size

July 24, 2014     erinbook     Feature, Pet Peeves

I’m back with another bookish pet peeve! Today I want to talk about book size. I know I’m not the only one who gets all bent out of shape about book size, I see posts and videos (especially videos) about it all of the time. So why does it bug me? Just look at this photo…
See the difference between these shelves? Look at how nice the mass market paperbacks look together. The above shelf looks so jumbled and disorganized in comparison.
This book size issue is one of the reasons for the hardcover vs paperback debate, something I’ll talk about more in depth in another post. The point that a lot of people make is that hardcovers come in two sizes: standard and tall. But that’s not entirely true, there are other hardcover sizes, they just aren’t as common. Paperbacks have many more sizing making them really annoying on the book size front.
For some people this book size issue is enough to drive them absolutely insane and they organize their shelves with the express purpose of making everything match. I’m not quite that dedicated to the effort of keeping my shelves even, as you can see. What I do hate is if books in a series are a different size. A little consistency in my series is necessary for my sanity, folks. Which is the same reason I hate the dreaded cover change!
John Watson knows what’s up. It’s not ok! Just make my series all the same size. Why do we have to have to put up with size changes? While I understand (even if I hate) cover changes, I do not understand why a publisher sometimes changes the size of my books. Quit it, there’s no reason for that!
What are your biggest book peeves? Tell me in the comments.
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